Our Services

Coria Commercial Finance offers a full range of financial solutions for businesses of all sizes from any industry. We ensure you get the best financial facility that suits your company's needs. We are focused on helping your business grow and pride ourselves on providing you with outstanding support.

Invoice Finance

Release cash tied up in outstanding invoices to quickly increase business cashflow that will support your business growth.

Asset Finance

Do you need to expand your fleet, purchase new equipment or re-finance your existing vehicles?

Plant & Machinery

Do you need to purchase or upgrade existing kit? Or release working capital tied up in your machinery assets in order to expand.

Business Loans

A great way of funding business growth. Commercial loans can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Commercial Mortgages

Buying the property that you trade from or looking to purchase a commercial property?

Bridging Loans

 A short term form of finance (typically < 24 months) used for any financial requirement needed to support a project to completion where the loan can be repaid (i.e. sale of a property)

Trade Finance

Free the cash tied up in International transactions that will giving you the confidence and freedom to expand your client base by eliminating the cashflow gap.

R&D Tax Credits

Find out if your company could be entitled to claim tax relief as a Government initiative, created to reward and encourage UK companies to invest in innovation. 

Currency Exchange

Does your business frequently send or receive money outside of the UK? Or do you need to make a large one off payment?