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Invoice Finance

What is invoice finance?

Invoice finance allows you to raise cash from unpaid invoices. Accessing money owed by customers right away – as opposed to 30, 60 or even 120 days after you’ve created an invoice – generates opportunities for your business to stabilise cashflow and reinvest the funds to promote growth. As well as Bad Debt Protection and credit control options, invoice financing can also be completely confidential from your customer. Talk to us to create your tailored package.

Book a free consultation to discuss your finance options.

Key advantages

Release cash

In most circumstances, your business receives up to 90% of the value of the unpaid invoice within 24 hours of submitting it to the lender.

Support cashflow

Invoice finance creates certainty and predictability for your cashflow, with bespoke packages available to suit your unique business.

Debt protection

Credit control and debt collection can be included, plus Bad Debt Protection which protects your business from failing customers.

Who is invoice finance for?

Invoice finance can be used by any business to support the start-up phase, turnover growth, management buyouts, financial restructures or the rescue and recovery process. It is most useful for businesses in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing and production

  • Haulage and transport

  • Engineering 

  • Wholesale

  • Recruitment

Often invoice finance is the only way to fund expansion during the start-up stage; as a bank loan may require up to 3 years' worth of accounts. With cashflow a huge factor in whether businesses fail or succeed in the first year, invoice finance is an invaluable tool for encouraging stable business growth.

How do I apply for invoice finance?

Please enquire via our Contact Form. From there, our finance experts will be in touch to discuss a plan of action.

The exact process varies from business to business, which is why we would always recommend using a commercial finance expert. We not only increase your chance of a successful application, but we also ensure you get the best deal through our exclusive network of lenders. All in all, we do the legwork so you can focus on the day-to-day of running and expanding your company. 

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