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Property Finance

What is property finance?

Property finance options allow the raising of cash to purchase, develop or refinance property. This may include funding property development projects, adding a property investment to your portfolio, purchasing new or existing business premises, or second charge mortgages. Our property finance options include commercial mortgages, bridging loans and development finance. Talk to us to create your tailored package.

Book a free consultation to discuss your finance options.

Property finance options

Commercial Mortgages

Often used within a limited company to purchase property when the full capital cannot be accessed (to avoid cashflow instability, for example). The main benefits:

  • Tax efficient way to purchase property

  • Spread payments over a fixed period

  • More facilities than a personal mortgage

Bridging Loans

A loan taken over a fixed period to cover the sale, purchase, refurb or renovation of a property, paid upon completion of the project. The main benefits:

  • ​Borrow up to 70% of property GDV

  • Short-term loan (often 12-18 months)

  • Can be used for multiple purposes

Development Finance

Facilitate the purchase of land with the intention of developing property and reselling for commercial gain. Development exit funding can also be used to bridge the gap between project completion and the sale of property. The main benefits:

  • ​Most reliable way to fund development

  • Medium-term loan (often 24 months)

How do I apply for property finance?

Please enquire via our Contact Form. From there, our finance experts will be in touch to discuss a plan of action.

The exact process varies from business to business, which is why we would always recommend using a commercial finance expert. We not only increase your chance of a successful application, but we also ensure you get the best deal through our exclusive network of lenders. All in all, we do the legwork so you can focus on the day-to-day of running and expanding your company. 

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