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Asset Finance

What is asset finance?

Asset Finance allows your business to purchase equipment, machinery and vehicles, and spread the payments over a fixed timeframe. Just like a hire-purchase agreement for your car, asset finance allows you to buy high-value items without large up-front costs. This gives you access to newer equipment (or simply more equipment) to meet the demands of your team and grow your business.


Book a free consultation to discuss your finance options. 

Key advantages

Minimal up-front costs

Most asset finance options require a small deposit to get started, so you can acquire what you need without worrying about capital investment.

Stabilise your cashflow

Spreading payments over 12 months, or more, ensures you don’t suffer the consequences and instability of one large payment leaving your bank.

Release and reinvest 

Use refinancing to release funds tied up in existing assets, providing a helpful cash injection - money which can be reinvested in other areas.

Accessible innovation

Stay one step ahead of your competition, and at the forefront of your industry, with the freedom to purchase the newest and most innovative equipment.

Who is asset finance for?

Due to the need for high-value equipment and machinery, and often fleets of vehicles to move supplies from A to B, asset finance is most useful for businesses in the following industries.

  • Manufacturing and production (inc. food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries) 

  • Haulage and transport

  • Engineering 

  • Site maintenance 

  • Agriculture 

  • Landscaping

  • Construction and trade

  • Hospitality sector

In the past we have helped our clients apply for all sorts of assets – from trucks and vans to tractors and cranes! While the above industries are our most common, any business can apply for asset finance e.g. for company cars or office equipment.

Top tips for a successful application

Know your asset details

The more details the better. What is the asset, where do you want to buy it and for how much? A quick URL link is always appreciated, too.

Prepare your documents

Six months' bank statements and your last set of accounts is the most common information required by lenders in the application process.

Be open and transparent

We want to match you with finance options that truly benefit you. Be as open and honest as you can about your business and any future goals.

How do I apply for asset finance?

Please enquire via our Contact Form. From there, our finance experts will be in touch to discuss a plan of action.

The exact process varies from business to business, which is why we would always recommend using a commercial finance expert. We not only increase your chance of a successful application, but we also ensure you get the best deal through our exclusive network of lenders. All in all, we do the legwork so you can focus on the day-to-day of running and expanding your company. 

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