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Has 2020 Zoomed us into a new perspective

In light of the Coronavirus outbreak anyone in a client facing role will understand the toll that this has had on their business. Especially if like us, YOU, are a large part of your service. When building relationships and physical interaction feel paramount to your service, a ban on hand shaking, coffee meetings and face to face contact had many of us holding our head in our hands. Then came along a word I will now never forget... Zoom!

This funny little word became a huge connecting factor (dare I say saviour?) bridging the gap left by our inability to conduct our conventional business affairs. I can’t say I am a Zoomer at heart, but I can recognise that had it not been for myself and so many other businesses quick adaption to the pandemics restrictions I would not be here still in business and writing this article. And yes, despite the lags, technical hiccups, occasional screaming children and 5 months of only getting dressed from the waist up; Businesses were able to connect with like minded people in the industry. We listened, we empathised, we understood because for the first time ever, every, single individual was going through the exact same thing.

We were open and supported each other in the most difficult unpredictable times and perhaps even as a result were able to truly connect on a deeper level than was ever possible before. So if anything, businesses should give themselves credit for adapting in such a sudden, strange and challenging situation.

What a blessing it was after the first lockdown was lifted. Being able to finally see other people’s faces with my own eyes and not in the form of pixels. To speak to someone without having to endure seeing my own face and compelled to ponder over whether I should revamp my skincare products. And FRESH COFFEE. Holding a frothy, chocolate sprinkle coated cappuccino, in a mug I would not have to clean! Little everyday things have become an exciting, joyous novelty. This development of mentality can only be celebrated, and I plan to continue enjoying the simple pleasures of the everyday. Along with a heightened sense of gratitude, these are things I will carry though to the new year and many more after!

Now I’m off to get ready for my first Christmas Zoom party with the DBFY networking group who have been a huge support system and community for myself and other small business owners. So its time for cocktail making, Christmas jumpers and LED ice cubes! Come back soon to find out how it went (Once the hangover has worn off)

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