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Business Loans


Business loans can be essential to a business for a wide variety of purposes. Your situation will be unique to you so we can discuss your needs and what you are trying to achieve. Loans are available with terms from 3 months to 5 years both secured and unsecured.

  • VAT Loans

  • Cashflow loans

  • Short term funding gaps


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Commercial Mortgages


If you are moving premises or are thinking about purchasing a building for your business then call us and we can help with sourcing the most suitable commercial mortgage.

Also, if you currently have a commercial mortgage but have not had it reviewed recently, then this would be a useful exercise to make sure that your current mortgage is the best you can get.

Or, do you want to release equity from your building for any purpose. For example:-

  • Buy out a director/shareholder

  • Expand the premises

  • Invest in new product development

  • Diversify the business

  • Raise a deposit for new equipment or machinery


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